The Extended Life Lid
The Extended Life Lid is an innovative product that utilizes a proprietary combination of plastic materials for a superior single-wall design.
Straddling the fine line between stability and flexibility our lids have high ribs and added elasticity to create a longer life under the toughest conditions. They offer you the following characteristics:

The rubber content in the Extended Life Lid gives extreme resistance to crumpling and crushing loads. The lid above returned to its original configuration after a few minutes.

To demonstrate the strength of our high ribbed design, we placed 220 lb. of weight on the lid on a 100 degree day.

The lid held the weight indefinitely and after the weight was removed, the lid, once again, returned to its normal configuration after a few minutes.
When you consider the cost of new lids and the man hours to replace them, the Extended Life Lid is the most cost effective lid on the market. Say goodbye to money headed to the landfill!


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